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Terms & Conditions of Business

Our aim is always to provide an efficient, reliable and friendly service

Please note the following conditions will apply when using our services

Payments are required promptly on completion of work carried out and all methods of payment are agreed before work is carried out

  • BACS payment (bank transfer) given up to 3 working days to clear and reach the business account / email or general receipt will be issued
  • Cash payment on the day / email or general receipt will be issued on the day
  • Payment by cheque given up to 5 working days to clear and reach the business account / email or general receipt will be issued

Missed Payments / Cancellation

  • We understand that sometimes payments can get delayed through the banking system and we will politely remind you of the oversight or discuss why this problem may have occurred.

  • It is important that if you wish to cancel your service that you give at least 24 hours notice prior to the booking time of your collection. This allows other business to be booked in its place and other additional costs can be avoided.

  • Communication is always the best option and in 99% of all transactions can be resolved amicably before further action is taken



The company reserves the right at all times to

  • Return the load or similar load if practical when payment has not been forthcoming
  • Charge additional fees for administration costs if a reminder invoice is issued and payment for work is still not forthcoming
  • Instruct a debt collection agency to take recovery action for administration and service costs incurred outside the original agreement - this occurs when non payment is evident - warning once this has been enforced all costs will be sought so understand clearly if you with-hold your payment the costs will rise 

Other Charges That May Occur

We try very hard as a company to be as transparent about costs as possible

  • Jobs that exceed over 22 miles in distance and over 30 minutes in travel time may incur additional charges which will be discussed before final agreement.
  • All additional costs can usually be minimalized when looking at the overall work to be carried out

Although the above terms and conditions are important we will always in the first instance try and work with clients to resolve any difficulties that may occur in regard to payment or additional charges


As a responsible company we are fully insured for public liability and employee injury and take continued care to avoid accidents

However when we come to an agreement with a client it must be fully understood that they also hold responsibilities as access to properties are given under instruction

We do not accept liability for the following - broken manhole covers / damage to underground drainage (driveways) , lawns, trees, fauna or any concealed underground cables when given your permission for access

If you have any other questions before coming to an agreement or you wish to extend the agreement by adding additional work please discuss further

Summer Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9.30 AM - 4.30 PM

Sat: 10 AM - 1 PM

Sun: Closed

Winter Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9.30 AM - 4.00 PM

Sat: 10 AM - 1 PM

Sunday: Closed

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