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A4 Ezy House Rubbish Clearance has had repeat customers for many years we would like to believe that reflects on the quality and reliable service that we offer. We like to feel that when we have left a property that the client is happy with the friendly and efficient service we have provided in clearing the rubbish



Q. Why use a waste carrier?

A. We are legitimate waste carriers who are licensed to dispose of your waste to a commercial site for disposal or recycling when appropriate

Q. Do you clear single items such as a mattress

A. Yes we do but we have a minimum charge of £55 - £65 to clear. We have to

account for general running costs as well as disposal so the more you dispose off the more cost efficient it will become

Q. What do I get for my £55 - £65

A. The clearance of a single item such as a mattress or a bed base or a number of smaller items that are straightforward to dispose of once collected - the smaller the collection the more costly it may seem

Q. Why does it cost so much to dispose of a Sofa or a three piece suite

A. Many bulky items are difficult to break down and therefore are charged

for the space and weight taken up on collection - the government levies a tonnage rate each year for landfill costs

Q. If collecting rubble why do you charge £95 per tonne

A. To dispose of rubble the charge at commercial weigh stations is charged per tonne but we must also take into account labour and our time to move it

Q. What is the difference of a quote and an estimate

A. A quote is done in person and a price given. An estimate on the other hand can be done over the telephone but is not a guarantee of price, as it is sight unseen. The exception to this rule is single items such as for example 2 seater sofa charged at £55 or 3 seater sofa £65

Q. Can you clear the rubbish quickly

A. If you telephone an agreement can be made at the time of our conversation and a date and time for pick up will be agreed (pick up within 48 hours) or at a time convenient to you if you want longer

Q. How do your prices compare with skips or Hippo Bags

A. We can generally beat the prices of skips and Hippo Bags because we do not have to charge V.A.T. and with most independent companies keep our overheads as low as possible

8 times out of 10 - CHEAPER THAN A SKIP

9 times out of 10 - CHEAPER THAN A HIPPO BAG

Q. If we have a large amount of waste to clear that is difficult to get to are you able to clear it

A, Yes but as with any clearance we will assess each job for its access and ease to clear. The more difficult jobs may incur a further charge but will usually still be cost effective for our client and take out the stress of doing the job themselves

Q. Can you clear some asbestos downpipe for me

A. No. Unfortunately this comes under the section of hazardous waste as does chemical waste / medical waste / Food waste and soil - specialist companies deal with such things as asbestos, food waste via the council 


  • Costs can usually be kept lower than a skip or a Hippo Bag
  • When working with A4 Ezy you can be sure you will have your rubbish cleared quickly and efficiently usually on the same day of agreement
  • Costs are calculated by looking at the weight and bulk of items to be removed
  • All vehicles are restricted by weight so costing your rubbish can be down to the type of waste to be carried and a maximum of 6 Yards
  • We do recycle between 40% to 70% of all rubbish cleared, reducing the carbon footprint by using local commercial recycling companies.
  • Distance travelled to pick up single items may not be cost effective but you will be advised if this is the case
  • Disposing of waste yourself can damage your vehicle or waste your valuable time and still cost you money to take it to a local tip using your petrol or diesel
  • Cost is increased only when it is difficult to move rubbish between A & B
  • Fly tippers don't care. Your responsibility is to ask how your waste is disposed of?
  • Do the company you employ have a waste carriers license?



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