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Moving home in Southampton

New Year Blues in the Rubbish Clearances

Rubbish Collection can be done by almost anybody but the BIG question is what or where do they take it. I have worked within the industry for over 9 years now and it is only a very few that ever ask. I  know the most important part is getting rid of it but why do you think it goes to the local domestic? 
When in reality it goes to a commercial waste station which sorts and recycles all waste that is deposited - this is collection of companies that deal in large volume of waste materials, they not only separate and recycle but also re-use by products created by everyday waste.

Bereavement Can Hit Us All At Some Stage

Over the years we have helped many people take out the strain of clearing a property that requires a service of quick effective disposal
It is often difficult enough having to deal with many of the aspects of the paperwork associated with loved ones instructions but even more so if you do not have relatives or friends to help
Although we clear almost anything it becomes far easier when a professional team comes in to sort out a property usually with 24 hours - cost can be difficult but we would always look at ways to help be as cost effective as possible when you have a small budget.

Communication for the Customer

This first week in August 2017 has been busy but at the same time crazy with three ludicrous events. I am always aware of how important it is to keep up with clients needs especially as an Independent Waste Carrier where giving that extra service see's people return year after year. I now have clients from over 7 years ago who have returned with more business so cannot stress how Important giving the right service can make the difference.
Now when I started this month in all the 7 years of working closely with people and giving 99% of the time a more than satisfactory service I had three clients who clearly though differently.

Price Hikes From Councils to Waste Stations

I have been in business for over 7 years and have seen many changes all of it would seem to be to the detriment of the worker
Every pound that is added onto legal collection of waste is ultimately lost in pushing people in general to fly tip
Prison sentences or fines do not seem to be a deterrent. Even the mention to most people that prices are rising puts them off a legal collection but running or seeking out the fly tippers to do the work
It takes courage and guts to run a business today in this unbalanced economic climate.


Well in recent months the momentum gathers as a large scale rubbish dump is found by the authorities in the UK and a man is reportedly arrested at airport.
Estimated clear up 5 million

Fly tipping on the rise as local councils change the set ups of how to dispose of their responsibility oh I meant rubbish. Yes it is difficult whichever way you turn but the hope is that although we have to pay for recycling innovations it is far better than just land filling it or allowing the fly tippers to rule the streets

Rubbish or Treasure

Often TREASURE is in the eye of the beholder. I have worked in the clearance business for a number of years clearing the obviuos junk and rubbish.
Many people often see things as being items of value but forget the world has changed dramatically in the past twenty five years.
Once you would have been happy to recieve a second hand three piece suite with a year or two life still in it. Or you would have been over the moon with other donations of furniture to stop you outlaying cash for expensive modern furniture.

Moving House in 2014 or just clearing rubbish to make space

Clients are important to A4 Ezy rubbish clearance - it matters when you have suffered a bereavement or when you need to clear a space that matters to you.
A new future can be opened up for that area that has been neglected for years or it has come time when you need to make a move forward to please the wife or husband so they can develop a new business or hobby area.
Clearance is part of what we do - A4 Ezy has been helping clients for many years reach their goals of making the space that was once abandoned into a project area waiting for new life to be breathed in.
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