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Clearance Debt Collection

Fortunately I have not faced this problem to many times in over 8 years of business but when it does occur it can be irritating and unexplainable in the few clients that I have had to deal with.
Why am I writing this today - the simple fact is that although a small debt from what was previously a regular client who used my services 3 - 4 times a year for at least 5 years did in fact end up with an unusual conclusion
All work is carried out under the environmental agency rules and regulations and I have clearly spelled out in my terms and conditions on my web site what is expected once the work has been done.

2019 Waste Management Can We Help

When I use the word we I mean everybody and the answer is definitely YES
Although many improvement might be small they can add up to a lot. The Famous David Attenborough is a legend in many of his forward thinking suggestions for the future but at a more base level even in the home we can progress to make a difference. My local council here in Hampshire, England has inferred that they may just scrap the plastics scheme as it is to expensive to recycle. If every council turned around and suggested the same thing what a total nightmare for the future.

Happy Customers are they real

Well it has been a while since I blogged but yes there are genuine happy customers. Here at A4 Ezy I still see customers from 8 years ago. Why because it is about treating the customer right. You already know they want your service - so from the outset it is about working with them to get the best outcome
The main sticking point is usually cost - everybody wants to get their clearance done for what's in their pocket and usually but not always a penny more
When negotiating be polite and understanding to their needs.

Outrage At Non-Payers

Covering recent events in the business - I have worked in the clearance business for over 9 years and despite having returning customers from when I first started I still face some mistakes with great annoyance
Giving the best service is very important as I look around and see a lot of companies giving up by not caring what the customer thinks. They just do the basics to cover themselves but don't ensure that customer will either remember them for the right reasons or go that extra mile to give the service that is deserved

Licenced Clearance or Flytipper

Well over the years I may have written a number of blogs reference fly tippers but clearly people still prefer fly tippers as here in Hampshire England we still have the reputation of one of the top 5 places to dump illegal waste.
Sad so sad because what happens the clear up eventually reflects in additional council tax for many of the householders that employ these people - yes I guess it was good that your pocket was not dented as much as paying a licenced waste carrier and that if you don't go out much you will not see the devastation it causes to the environment.

Bereavement Can Hit Us All At Some Stage

Over the years we have helped many people take out the strain of clearing a property that requires a service of quick effective disposal
It is often difficult enough having to deal with many of the aspects of the paperwork associated with loved ones instructions but even more so if you do not have relatives or friends to help
Although we clear almost anything it becomes far easier when a professional team comes in to sort out a property usually with 24 hours - cost can be difficult but we would always look at ways to help be as cost effective as possible when you have a small budget.

Council Tip or A4 Ezy House Rubbish Clearance

In recent times as most people might have started to realise the local council tip in Southampton is now run by Veolia a large company that has the knowledge and capacity to recycle many types of waste. The other thing now that people realise is that they will be charged for various types of waste such as plasterboard / rubble waste this is now to cut the stream of general cost in certain areas of recycling. Of course a multitude of other items are recycled as well such as plastics and wood
Over the course of time it has always been your choice to choose to go to domestic waste stations or select a number of alternative ways to dispose of your general waste.

NoN-Payment of Invoices

The incredible has happened a charity has not paid for its clearance work - I despair that I have given much to this charity over the years in regards donations and things for them to sale
What alarms me is that an agreement was made and they have failed to honour the agreement. Despite sending out two invoices for payment they continued to ignore my request
A further invoice was sent with a 10% charge for reminders - still no response
Unfortunately I will have to go to a Debt Enforcement Agency for proceedings to be enforced

Client or Tradesman

Every client is important but you must get things sorted from the outset of any project. Be clear about what has to be done and discuss further if you want to add to the project
Tradesman should provide you a guideline to the costs of the project / clearance as it essential you are happy with the work at the end of the day
Working for many years now in the Clearance Industry I can honestly say I have a 99% satisfaction rate with my clients.
If there is any difficulties with the clearance it is always about communication but get the job done to a high standard and there will rarely give any room for people to complain

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