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Love Hurts - Bereavement needs clearance

Bereavement one of the hardest things to tackle - it does not matter whether you are family, friend  or an aquaintence it touches us all in a positive or negative way. You may need kind words or you may need support but where do you go when a life has ended, who deals with the clear up of personal possessions?
In most cases people are today more aware of how things can be managed by appointing an executor of their will. Other options are available but generally most people discuss these things with those close or arrange these things and write them down.
If the person who has died has left no instructions then what to do next can be difficult but workable - if you need help in clearance then we try to work with you or give advice on how to make it cost effective.
Remember which ever route you eventually take it can be TIME / COST or a combination of the two which guide your decision making. Be realistic about what you can do and what you can achieve this will often give you the solution.
Best wishes for the future
Sincerely Joe Coghe - A4 Ezy

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